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Convert Previous Browsers With Remarketing

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What Is Remarketing?

Remarketing or retargeting is the practice of showing online ads to people who have recently visited your website. It makes use of cookies to track who has visited your website and show them ads for your products and services on other sites. Remarketing can be used to enhance your PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising, helping you to improve your ROI through improved ad targeting. Remarketing can be used with ad networks such as Google, Bing, Facebook, and other search and social media ad networks. Remarketing gives your PPC marketing campaigns a boost, making sure that potential customers don’t slip away from you and encouraging them to come back later.

How Remarketing Works

Retargeting ads require you to put a small piece of code on your website, which tracks a new user with cookies. If you’re not familiar, cookies are small files saved on a person’s browser which store information about their preferences and other things. For several years now, businesses have been required to be more transparent about the cookies that their websites use. The code you use on your site adds anonymous user information to a list that you create. After a user has left your site, cookies will tell the relevant ad platform to display your ads when they are browsing other sites.

The Benefits of Remarketing

Remarketing has a host of benefits that will allow you to grow your PPC marketing strategies and increase your sales. Remarketing is a cost-effective way to make sure you don’t lose customers and to create repeat customers too. It can deliver an excellent ROI by making your ads more relevant to your audience, improving brand visibility, brand recognition, and brand loyalty. When you use remarketing, you can put your brand in front of users as they browse other websites, reminding them of the products they were looking at and even suggesting new ideas for them to consider.

Why You Need Remarketing Services

If you’re not already using remarketing to enhance your digital marketing campaigns, remarketing services can help you to get started. If you are already making use of remarketing, help from digital marketing experts at Adaptive will get your remarketing on the right track. Remarketing is capable of transforming your PPC advertising but it’s essential to use it in the right way if you want to make the most of your efforts and your marketing budget. When you have marketing experts who are experienced with remarketing on your side, you can guarantee that you’re showing the right ads to the right people.

How to Use Remarketing to Your Advantage

There are many strategies that you can use to increase your chances of success. You could use remarketing to offer limited-time discounts on your products or services, encouraging people to come back to your site if they have abandoned their shopping baskets or left without buying anything. Another way to use remarketing is to offer reminders of the specific services or products that your website visitors viewed, keeping them in their minds until they are ready to return. If you have users that have cancelled a service, this could also be an opportunity to to extend a special offer and get them to come back.

Creating Successful Campaigns

Remarketing might not sound too complicated on the surface, but creating a successful remarketing campaign can be more difficult than you might think. Remarketing ad campaigns require a number of steps, including setting up the campaign, ad copywriting, ad design, strategic bid management, and campaign management. The campaign needs to be tracked to record and analyse results and see what is and isn’t working. All of this is time- consuming and requires an expert touch to get the best results. When you work with the experienced digital marketers at Adaptive, you have the benefit of people who know what they’re doing and will tailor campaigns to the needs of your business.

Why Choose Adaptive for Remarketing Services?

Adaptive can support your remarketing campaigns with a team of digital marketing strategists and experts. Our digital marketing and SEO services are designed to help you grow your online business so that you can reach the right people. We stay up to date with the latest strategies and best practices to deliver great results for your brand. Through remarketing campaigns, we can help you to capture new customers and lead existing customers back to your website to increase your leads and sales.

Remarketing is one of the most effective methods you can use to promote your business online. We know that it increases the chances of people buying from your website, which is why we have designed services that allow you to improve how you target your online audience. Combined with our other solutions, you can get your business firing on all cylinders to make your marketing budget go far and get a great ROI.

We work closely with you to align your digital marketing strategy with your overall business goals. Remarketing should be a key part of your PPC advertising campaigns, so don’t ignore the benefits that it can have for your business. Allow our team to help you navigate the ins and outs of remarketing by creating effective campaigns that are designed to meet your needs and goals.

Get in touch with us at Adaptive to discuss your needs and how remarketing can give your digital marketing a huge boost.

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