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Taking your brand global is an ambitious operation. One of the things that you need to do is grow your online presence. Ensuring international customers can easily find your website and discover what they need is vital. This can quickly become tricky, especially if you are dealing with multiple cultures and languages. You may need to be careful of different cultural sensibilities, as well as make sure your content is produced accurately in various languages. Even if you are only targeting English-speaking countries, there can still be differences to consider.

Utilising the correct strategies

The right SEO strategy is one of the most important things that your brand can have if you want to grow international visibility. You need to signal to search engines that your website is relevant to people in your chosen countries, which should be done by using a number of different techniques. These include technical SEO elements such as how you structure URLs, as well as the content you publish, and the keywords that you use.

Tailored solutions for success

Adaptive brings you expert international SEO services so that you can reach out to a worldwide audience. Whether you have selected a few anglophone countries to help you grow your brand or want to start branching into countries with different languages, you need to have the right keywords and the best strategies for international success. We work closely with you to determine your goals and create strategies tailored to the needs of your business, whether it’s large or small.

Elements of International SEO

International SEO can involve multiple factors which all affect how search engines and people perceive your brand online. When it’s time to take your online presence international, you need to develop your approach to SEO so that you can provide both local or national results and international results for search engine pages. Your international pages and content might deliver a different language, follow different laws, use varying measuring systems and technical details, or have other differences that may change depending on the country or region.

URL Structure for International SEO

One important aspect of international SEO that is less likely to be a concern with other types of SEO is the structuring of URLs. Different URL structures can be used to tell search engines that your content is intended for different regions. For example, you might have a country-level domain ending in a two-letter ccTLD (.us, .fr, .za). A subdirectory is another possibility, keeping one main domain name for your website but adding a subdirectory for different countries. Or language parameters could be used with a top-level domain.

Let Adaptive help you to navigate this issue so that your global audience can navigate your website.

Localising Content

Localising your content is another way to carry out the best international SEO practices. Your website’s content should be tailored not just to the local language but also to the local culture. Finding relevant local keywords and producing content that is relevant to your audience not only tells people that your website is right for them but also lets search engines know too. It’s also possible to give search engines an extra signal on language hreflang or language meta tags, which indicate the languages your content is available in.
Ranking a website internationally is a similar process to local or national SEO but on multiple levels. You are targeting multiple countries but still want local customers in each place. Directing people to local content can be a way of signalling that they have found the right content. Link building from high quality local resources will also help to localise different sections of your website.

Talk to International SEO Experts

International SEO is time-consuming and can get complicated very quickly. If you need help, Adaptive will simplify the online growth of your brand. Our in-house experts know what it takes to deliver outstanding and long-lasting results. We will use a range of methods to align your search strategy with your business goals.

Launching an international campaign is a must if you are expanding your business and exporting your products or services. It takes time and patience to build a successful campaign, but you don’t have to do it all yourself. Our team is ready to help you when you need us.