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Google Penalty Recovery Services in Bournemouth, Dorset, UK
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What is a Google Penalty?

Google penalties are effectively punishments from Google that are reserved for websites found to be operating in defiance of Google’s strict marketing guidelines. Not to be confused with punishments like reduced SEO standing in light of algorithm changes, these penalties are received from Google directly in the form of manual action reports via Google’s Search Console. The website in question is then removed from organic search results until the noted violation is fixed, and the company in question has filed a reconsideration quest to resume Google rankings as normal. Given that even short periods outside of organic rankings can significantly hinder the efficiency of online conversions, immediate and professional Google Penalty oversight as offered by our expert team at Adaptive is crucial for avoiding lasting damage as a result of this setback.

The Most Common Causes for Google Penalties

As mentioned, Google Penalties are broadly applied when a website sits outside of Google’s marketing guidelines. This mistake can happen for a range of reasons, especially without expert oversight of online activities including link acquisition and content creation. However, the most common causes for Google penalties include:

  • Unnatural links: Unnatural links that Google suspects to have been paid for or utilised as a part of a linking scheme are prone to Google penalties in some instances. This penalty may be localised to specific website pages or applied to entire websites depending on the extent and usage of links in question.
  • Low quality/duplicate content: Automatically generated, low-quality content, or even duplicate content used without a disclaimer, can also result in Google penalties, as well as damaging notes that throw content value into question for consumers.
  • Spam: While it’s less common to receive Google penalties for spam, excessive cloaking or spam-only websites can still lead to penalties, even for other sites on a host if that hosting site is linked to numerous spam incidences.

In the pursuit of a high-level online presence as offered by Adaptive, our services will ensure that you avoid these penalties in the first place. If penalties are already present, our expert handling of a team that understands what real and lasting recovery looks like is always best for getting you back on Google’s good side.

The Importance of Google Penalty Recovery

Given that the impact of Google penalties can worsen the longer this issue remains unaddressed, fast and proactive recovery is essential for a wide range of reasons, with just a few benefits to immediate action here including:

  • Access to your organic traffic
  • Increased potential for conversions
  • Higher-quality web content in general
  • Re-indexing and resumed SEO rankings
  • And more
The expert handling of what can otherwise be a complex recovery process can make a huge difference to the ongoing efficiency of online campaigns. The careful management of Google Penalty recovery from our team can especially help you optimise every element of your website to ensure not only recovery right now but also a far stronger web presence that helps you avoid the risk of penalties moving forward.

How can Adaptive Help You Back on Your Feet?

As the UK’s most trusted digital marketing agency, our team knows how to keep on Google’s good side. Most notably, when you contact us with a penalty that’s been given for any reason, we’ll immediately work alongside you to address any crucial mishaps through an extensive recovery processes that include:
  • Third-party script removals
  • The identification of bad backlinks
  • The improvement of existing content
  • The removal of duplicate or stolen content
  • Core Web Vitals and Mobile friendly website functionality
  • Direct liaison with Google regarding manual penalty removal
  • And more

Recovery and Online Growth

Our focus on becoming the partner you need also means that our team can provide you with lasting results as they oversee everything from ongoing content creation to local or international SEO focuses and beyond, all of which can help to turn Google into a much-needed advocate. Meanwhile, you can focus on turning those Google-acquired prospects into the sales that you need to grow your business. This way, instead of struggling alone and feeling like Google will never have your back again, you can sit back and trust in an online presence that’s exactly what you need it to be. Simply start enjoying these benefits by contacting our team to discuss your unique requirements on 033 3303 4189 or online today.