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What is Link Building?

Link building is a crucial SEO technique that involves the acquisition of backlinks from a range of external websites to boost a page’s organic SEO ranking and increase its organic search engine traffic. Link building across high-quality, respected resources is especially useful for proving that your content is valuable and thus relevant to consumers searching for certain keywords or terms related to what you do. To be effective, these links should be thoroughly researched and mentioned in a contextual sense that results in improved search engine listings and leads that are far more likely to be relevant. Each lik is viewed by Google, and other search engines, as a ‘vote of confidence’ or ‘recommendation’ from the webpage that it appears on, and the more high-quality votes that your website receives, the higher it will rank in the search engines.

Internal vs External Links

While all link building focuses should ultimately work towards boosting your popularity and rankings, there are a different types of links to consider when you first begin on your link building journey, each with very different benefits and implementation requirements. Specifically, there are two primary types of links, which are:

  • Internal links: Links that refer to another web page within the same domain, effectively redirecting visitors around a website to keep them engaged for longer.
  • External links: External or outbound links are links that take users to another, relevant domain, most commonly used throughout blog posts and news resources, etc
While both types of links have their uses, external links are the most essential from an SEO standpoint, for enhancing organic traffic rather than ensuring retention. Unfortunately, the fact that these links rely on relevant content and effective link acquisition strategies mean that they’re also the hardest to get right. This is why countless companies find their link building strategies struggling, and it’s why you need a dedicated team like Adaptive on your side, providing you with not only expert content writing services that increase your chances at naturally occurring links, but with the resources on-hand to also ensure that the best sites are always recommending yours.

Why Do Search Engines Love Links?

Search engines that often rank pages based on their relevance for keywords have long favoured effective link building. After all, links that help a search engine to identify the relevance of a resource make keyword-based listings far easier to achieve using basic algorithms. Plus, if a trusted resource is willing to recommend a company in this way, then search engines like Google can rest assured that they, too, would do well extending that recommendation.

That said, the love between links and search engines isn’t all plain sailing, with changes like Google’s Penguin and Link Spam updates also taking steps to persecute irrelevant or ill-won links. To be successful, link building strategies must therefore revolve around well-thought acquisitions, relevant mentions, and website content that always offers value. All of which our team here at Adaptive can help you to ensure.

What Makes a Successful Link Building Strategy?

Ensuring link relevance means implementing an effective link building strategy, which is best achieved through the help of our expert link builders. With the right professionals on hand, you can then begin creating a link building strategy that’s most likely to yield results, and centres around crucial elements of success such as:
  • Paid promotions
  • Link reclamation
  • Content creation
  • Manual outreach
  • And more
In each instance, you can take significant steps to enhance your online presence. You only need to make sure that the reputational boost possible here serves you by guaranteeing you have the know-how close to hand to get link acquisition right every step of the way!

Standout With Link Building

With over 50 years of accumulative SEO experience, and with over 600 happy customers in Bournemouth, UK and worldwide, we understand SEO better than most, and we have the in-house expertise and know-how to make your link building strategy outstanding.

Forget managing sometimes complex link landscapes alone, Adaptive, as the UK’s fastest-growing and most trusted SEO agency, can take all of the pressure off your shoulders, and ensure link-based results in the process. Even better, we’re at the forefront of SEO changes as they happen, meaning that the latest Google update or link-based change in priorities can never again prevent your efforts here from leading to real results. Simply get in touch to talk about your link building options today!

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