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Generate More Online Sales With Google Shopping Ads

Google Shopping Services in Bournemouth, Dorset, UK

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What Is Google Shopping?

Google Shopping allows ecommerce businesses to list their products so that they appear in search engine results. Google users can navigate to the Shopping tab to directly browse and filter the products that they’re interested in before visiting the relevant websites to take a closer look or make a purchase. Businesses can get their products on Google Shopping through organic listings using Google Merchant Centre, in addition to using PPC ads by starting Shopping campaigns on Google Ads. Just like other SEO and PPC campaigns, you can optimise your campaigns with Google Shopping to improve the visibility of your brand.

Why Your Business Needs Google Shopping

If you run an ecommerce business, you can’t miss out on the boost in visibility that Google Shopping will offer you. Without Google Shopping, potential customers will have to go straight to your website to see your products. When you have your products listed on Google Shopping, they can see images and descriptions of your products while looking at their search results. Of course, they will also see products from your competitors, making it essential to optimise both your organic and paid listings. By combining free listings and PPC ads, you can give your business a competitive edge and improve your brand visibility and product placement.

Getting Set Up with Google Shopping

To get set up with Google Shopping, you need to configure your Google Merchant Centre account. This will enable you to have organic product listings in Google Shopping. You will then need to connect your Google Merchant Centre Account to your Google Ads account if you want to run Google Shopping ad campaigns. As well as taking care of the basics of setting up these accounts, you also need to get your product feed set up and ensure everything is ready for you to start creating Shopping campaigns. This can all be time- consuming and even confusing, but we can help to configure everything.

Optimising Your Product Feed

Optimising your Google Shopping product feed is a core part of setting up successful organic and paid listings. Optimising your product feed involves making sure that you have quality images and descriptions and that you’re using the right categories and keywords to get your products found. Your product feed needs to have detailed information about your products so that Google can find your products for relevant search terms. Optimising your feed by paying attention to titles, product names, descriptions, and images will help to put your products in front of customers when they’re searching.

Shopping Campaigns

Google Ads enables you to create Shopping campaigns, turning your product listings into PPC ads. After connecting your Google Merchant Centre account to your Google Ads account, you can use your product data to set up adverts on Google and elsewhere on the web. Shopping ads are designed for promoting retail products, created in a more visual format that’s suited to selling physical goods online. You can get better leads using Shopping campaigns to promote your products. With effective Shopping campaigns, you can grow your sales. You can also benefit from reporting and competitive data that makes it possible to keep improving the performance of your campaigns.

Smart Shopping Campaigns

Smart Shopping Campaigns offer a further way to promote your products online. They are a combination of standard Shopping campaigns and display remarketing campaigns, using automated bidding and ad placement to allow you to promote your products across Google’s networks (Search Network, Display Network, YouTube, and Gmail). It uses machine learning to test out different image and text combinations and automatically show the most relevant ads for different search terms. However, even when you’re using Smart Shopping campaigns, it’s still useful to get assistance to help you make the most of them. We can help you with your Standard and Smart Shopping campaigns to get you a better ROI on your ads.

The Benefits of Google Shopping Optimisation

Google Shopping listings help your brand to stand out and compete against others. By optimising both your organic listings and your PPC ads, you can grow your online visibility, increase traffic to your site, and ultimately get more qualified leads and sales. If you’re not using Google Shopping for your ecommerce business, you’re missing out on a lot of traffic and opportunities to promote your brand and products.

Optimising for Google Shopping

When you want to optimise your product listings and ads for Google Shopping, you need to have images, titles, descriptions, and tags that are relevant to searches and interesting for users. Quality images are an important starting point, and you also need to ensure you’re using the right keywords. Good SEO practice is a key part of setting up your campaigns and optimising your product listings. By tracking the performance of your listings, you can also analyse what is and isn’t working and continually make improvements to your listings and ads.

Choose Adaptive for Google Shopping Services

Optimising your listings and ads is easier when you have experts on your side. As an experienced SEO agency, we can help your ecommerce business to thrive with our Google Shopping services. Start receiving more attention and getting more traffic to your site when you increase your online visibility through product listings directly in Google searches and in other locations. You can grow your sales with help from our experienced and knowledgeable team of digital marketers. We will work closely with your business to align your Google Shopping marketing campaigns with the goals of your brand.

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